Spider-Man/Deadpool #2 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 4.5/5 – Kelly and McGuinness Back on the Character they Perfected!
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Spider-Man/Deadpool is a comic that puts fun and comedy before the seriousness of the super heroics. I absolutely loved the first issue of this series that combines the hilarious storytelling of Joe Kelly and the larger than life pencils of Ed McGuinness. It went right back to the tone they were known for on the Deadpool book they first started (and as the “Last Time:” section states on the inside front cover) almost twenty years ago! I still remember Deadpool number eleven from that original series, an oversized issue that upon recollection still makes me chuckle.

Since the early 2000s though, my enjoyment of Deadpool has waned. He’s been in numerous series, mini-series, one-shots, and guest appearances. Now with his movie breaking records at the box office, it’s hard not to see him everywhere you look, or at least in plenty of Marvel Comics. But I go back to the creators, and Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness to me have always provided my favorite interpretation of the character so although it’s been a while, I’m back to collecting a monthly Deadpool book, even though it does have Spider-Man in the title. The second issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool has the Merc with the Mouth on a mission to assassinate Peter Parker, and although it doesn’t start out as strong as the first issue, by the end it was just as much fun!

Deadpool, like in the first issue, narrates most of the story even though we see Peter Parker alone and on his own at Parker Industries. It’s a smart choice to have Deadpool narrate the majority of this issue as it provides a healthier dose of humor than Parker can provide and capitalizes on the character that Kelly and McGuinness write so well. After the opening setup, it’s all out action as Miles Morales joins the fight between the Spider-Men and a longtime Spidey villain who I loved seeing McGuinness draw.

McGuinness’ art is excellent throughout, and is at it’s best when inked by Mark Morales. Morales’ inks sharpen McGuiness’ pencils and give the whole look a clean and chiseled feel. McGuiness is also able to make Miles Morales fit perfectly next to Spidey and Deadpool, drawing him just small enough in comparison. His frame isn’t nearly as muscular and despite the heavy amounts of reds and blacks, colorist Jason Keith is able to separate the characters effectively so you’re never confused by the amount of action on the page. Spider-Man/Deadpool is both wonderful to look at and just as exciting to read. I’m reading a monthly Deadpool book again and surprisingly, I couldn’t be happier!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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