Spider-Man 2099 #7 (Marvel)

SM2099 7

CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5 – Spidey Takes on a Self-Styled Inhuman ‘God’.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Brett Downard

Just as Peter David did with his long X-Factor run he continues to make Spider-Man 2099 a joy for me to read. It’s about a character from the future stuck back in the past (our present), and for some unknown reason his present (our future) is no longer the same, but David makes everything easy to follow. With the recap page and seamlessly telling what past story details the reader needs to know, I believe any issue is a good jumping on point.

In other current Marvel Universe news, there is a Terrigen cloud moving across the world. Peter Parker, head of his company P.I. (Parker Industries), tasks Miguel O’Hara to find a cure for the effects of the cloud which is deadly to mutants and will cause someone with Inhuman genetics to undergo terrigenesis, the process which manifests their Inhuman change/power. That terrigenesis change is exactly what happened in the previous issue with one of O’Hara’s co-workers. She got exposed to a sample of the cloud being used for testing, got cocooned, emerged, and now it’s up to Miguel to stop the new wannabe Inhuman “God” from making everyone worship her though fear.  Will Sliney’s art tells the tale with his signature smooth and sleek style. Even with all the crazy stuff that happens in this title, Sliney makes even the biggest scenes look believable and stunning. Helping him achieve this are Rachelle Rosenberg and Wil Quintana on colors.

Since I started reading David’s work on X-Factor ten years ago, it doesn’t really seem like he’s writing stories. It’s as if the characters are going on with their lives and David is writing it down. It feels so real and natural to me. It is great seeing David and Sliney put out such a wonderful book each month.  Spider-Man 2099 is a solid addition to my pull list.

Reviewed by: Brett Downard
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