Angela Queen of Hel #6 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – Lots of Witty Banter and Broken 4th Walls…
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall

Angela is a series that I have not been reading, but I got pulled in by the ages old ploy of the “guest appearance of a character that I AM reading”.  In this case, Thor.  I flipped through the comic in the shop and was very impressed with the art by Kim Jacinto so I added it to my purchases and scurried home with this comic and a few others.  For those not aware of her genesis, Angela was famously created by Neil Gaiman as a foil for Spawn over in the Image comic.  After a protracted legal battle, the rights to the character were awarded to Gaiman and were subsequently sold by Gaiman to Marvel.  More on the character’s history can be found here.

At Marvel, Angela has been integrated into the Asgardian mythos as a member of a previously unknown tenth realm ‘Heven’ (yes, spelled like that, probably as a misspelled counterpoint to the already existent realm of ‘Hel’).  Fast forward, since I don’t want to try to recount her entire history at Marvel (most of which I have not read).  This issue picks up right AFTER Angela has given up being Queen of Hel, and is now in Brooklyn with an entourage of characters that includes her girlfriend, a surrogate daughter, and a smart-mouthed talking dog-like creature.  The banter and references to New York as well as previous storylines and Marvel minutiae fly fast and furious.  We get fourth wall breaking stuff like “I don’t know, sometimes the narrative takes these weird dark turns whenever Bennett hasn’t gotten to kill a fave in a while–“.  Some of the referential stuff went over my head while other bits actually ended up dropping clues to fill me in on stuff that had happened in stories I didn’t read.  All in all I give the banter a thumbs up since it definitely added to my story experience. Artist Kim Jacinto did an outstanding job, aided by colorist Israel Silva.  Jacinto has been around for several years on Marvel titles I had not been reading, and had not been on my radar, but he is now.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for future series he’s working on.

After pulled into issue #6 of Angela by Thor on the cover, I ended up enjoying it for the one-two punch of Marguerite Bennett’s writing and Kim Jacinto’s art.  Next issue will be the last issue of this series, so I’ll be picking up the entire run and giving it a read.  For those not into the whole “single issue” thing, a trade paperback collection should be along soon.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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1 Response to Angela Queen of Hel #6 (Marvel)

  1. This series and her previous one were pretty good. Worth checking out and that is coming from a person who was not a fan of the character whatsoever.

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