Ghostbusters: Deviations (IDW)


CREDIT: IDW Publishing

Rating: 4/5 – A Defeated Team and a Depressed Marshmallow Man!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Dallas Fitzgerald.
Set 31 days after the titular Ghostbusters failed to “cross streams” and banish Gozer, the first of IDW’s Deviations one-shots is a treat that’s sure to please any fan of the original Ghostbusters movie, regardless of knowledge of the ongoing IDW comic or sequels and off-shoots. It’s a kind of odd turn, but Gozer is almost adorable in his triumph. He’s a big, smiling marshmallow man and he absolutely hates it.
The speaking voice of the characters is represented well, Kelly Thompson really nailed the interpersonal relationships between the team in the limited amount of space she was provided. Unfortunately, the writing suffers due to being a One-Shot. Without revealing any of the details, the overall conflict is resolved in a tidy bow for seemingly no reason, to the confusion of both the characters and the reader. If you’re able to laugh that off as a deliberate nod of the head from writer to reader, it’s not the worst thing that could come of the story, but I’ll admit a little disappointment that there wasn’t more actual ghostbusting in the issue
Nelson Daniels’ art took me by surprise, initially. Having never read a Ghostbusters comic before this one (guilty!), I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as art style went. Daniels’ linework grew on me over the duration of the issue, and I really commend his ability to capture the essence of these beloved characters. For instance, the facial expressions are almost nostalgically accurate, no matter how dissimilar these renditions of the team may be to the actors who originally portrayed them. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and his “Puftlings” are the stars of the show as far as art goes, and I’d honestly love to see more of the Puftlings.
Overall, I’d say that this $4.99 comic was worth the entry fee. A nice nod to the classic Ghostbuster team spinning a “what if” story out of the ending to the original movie.  The paper these Deviations issues are printed on is phenomenal and the thick cardstock covers felt great in my hands. It’s very important to note how quality these issues feel, though the glossy black paper does show finger smudges if you’re not mindful of that while reading, so read carefully if that sort of thing irks you. This issue bodes well for the remainder of the Deviations one-shots, and I look forward to reviewing Deviations: GI Joe in the near future!

Reviewed by: Dallas Fitzgerald
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