Space Battle Lunchtime #1 (Oni Press)

Space Battle

CREDIT: Oni Press

Rating: 4/5 – A Frog in a Wig Walks Into a Bakery…
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Natalie Riess’ Space Battle Lunchtime takes a simple concept, riffing on cooking competition reality TV shows, and transforms it into something I found to be altogether fun.

This issue sets the stage, and a description of it is essentially the concept for the series.  Peony works in a bakery, a space-faring PA for the galactic cooking competition show ‘Space Battle Lunchtime’ pops in to gets some coffee (since her co-workers love the caffeinated Earth-drink) and ends up snagging Peony for the show when they need to add another chef to the line-up at the last minute.  From here we move to the spaceship where we get to meet all kinds of strange aliens, that I could describe here, but best you check out a copy and flip through it to check them out yourself.  Riess’ art style is simple and uncluttered, augmented with bold pastel colors.  As with any art appreciation, whether you like the style or not is completely subjective.  I love it and find it to be a perfect match for the story being told.

Space Battle Lunchtime is something you should check out if you like comics like Bee & Puppycat, Jonesy, or Bravest Warriors, it seems to be in the general ballpark of these other series.  I’m glad I checked it out and will be following along as Peony throws down against the other 5 chefs, and find out exactly what that weird mystery ingredient really is.  I also hope at some point Peony makes Scampi, just to unnerve her competitor who appears to be a shrimp in a suit of armor….

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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