Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 (DC)



Rating: 4.5/5 – A Step Back to the Way Things Should Be.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

After DC’s special Rebirth issue that retooled the DC Universe, this week began the somewhat confusing release of the “Rebirth” issues before the true first issues of the ongoing series release. These issues are meant to serve as somewhat of a reset, establishing where, when and how these characters are living within this new DC timeline. Although it can be a bit confusing to see that this is still an early meeting between the two characters Green Arrow and Black Canary, there’s still an underlying history that these two characters have strong feelings towards one another that writer Ben Percy handles with thought and care. Percy’s writing is able to effectively show that this Rebirth of the DC Universe is not a reboot, but a retooling of continuity and history.

After a young boy’s mom is kidnapped by a group of underground dwellers, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up to save her and protect her homeless child in her absence. This is a done-in-one issue like the other three Rebirth issues this week that give a satisfying story while at the same time providing a framework of where these characters are within the DCU. Percy does a great job of combining dialogue and internal thoughts that help define the personalities of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. We get to see the characters coming from two different trains of thought, especially from a political viewpoint, which is of course central to Oliver’s character. Those political differences divide their thoughts, but also lend to the romantic tension between them that culminates in a wonderful ending that feels right and true to who these characters are.

The strongest part of this first issue though is Otto Schmidt’s art. I’m not sure what this artist has worked on before, but if this is any indication of some of the new talent on board at DC, then we’re in for a treat. Schmidt’s art is gorgeous and Black Canary in particular looks amazing. Schmidt’s line is almost wispy at times and it looks as though his pencils are put to paper in a rush, giving the art a feel of movement. While looking at the art I kept imagining his pencils on a character like the Flash since his line is so thin and sleek. Schmidt also colors his own work so the whole package looks complete!

DC’s Rebirth is off to a great start and Green Arrow Rebirth is a wonderful example of DC attempting to set things right, and for that I’m thankful and even more hopeful for what is coming.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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