Red Sonja #6 (2016) (Dynamite)


CREDIT: Dynamite

Rating: 5/5 – The She Devil With a Sword Strikes!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

So much has happened in this series in just 6 issues. I feel that this could have been spread out further, but maybe that was all part of the plan. Red Sonja has gone through hell; her home is in flames, her people are being manipulated, her friends are being killed off, and 3 crazy women that are made to look and act like Red Sonja are out for blood. King Savas has shown time and again that he is absolutely insane, insane enough to be a heartbroken ex with stalker tendencies. Savas may have the people convinced that Red Sonja is on his side, but there was only so much a warrior like Red Sonja can take.

I’m going to try really hard not to spoil anything, but this recent issue was so good I got chills. I don’t get chills from reading very many comics. I become interested and I love a good story, but I rarely get chills. Writer Marguerite Bennett came in swinging in the beginning, and if every issue up to this point was a hit, this recent issue was a knockout. Bennett adds a little flare by adding battle songs to her story. The war has escalated, there has been a lot of deaths, and Sonja is losing everything she holds dear. I tend to over analyze everything, and Bennett leaves me excited, almost like everything has a hidden meaning. The 3 fake Sonja’s all are dressed like Sonja used to be with iron clad bikinis. Savas is a past love that has made his life around Sonja, the 3 fake Sonjas are his warriors and they resemble Sonja because he’s just that obsessed with her. Bennett shows how life has changed for Sonja and how she has grown over time. Sonja is the She Devil with a Sword; at least she used to be. This is a part of Sonja’s life she is not most proud of, but she’s dealt with so much in the last several issues that the She Devil aspect of her character is at full throttle.  Mythical creatures, magic and mayhem, they were all here. Sonja was meant to be queen and in this issue she lets it be known that she would have been a better queen then Savas is a king.

Artist Aneke has been playful, and the full spread pages are tantalizing. The art along with Bennett’s writing is the reason behind the chills I feel with this series. The mythical creature that Sonja catches is personally symbolic. Rebirth is the biggest thing with this series, Sonja’s life, her reputation, and Hyrkania. Bennett and Aneke have thrown so much into these 6 issues; Aneke alone brings chaos and passion to every page. Every moment is captured on the page perfectly.

Red Sonja going into a fight as the She Devil is terrifying and intense. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m a sucker for barbarian stories with deeper meaning. I’ve never been into any Red Sonja series in the past; I think I made that comment when I reviewed the first issue. I’m happy to say that Bennett and Aneke’s run has brought me a wonderful addiction, I’m glad I chose to keep up with this series and to give it a chance. I can only see good things from this team going forward, because I’ve only seen good things so far.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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