Infamous Iron Man #1 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 3/5 – Doom Is Now Iron Man and a Hero?
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

It’s starting to become clear that the end of Civil War II being delayed is having a negative affect on the continuity in Marvel books. Case in point: in Infamous Iron Man #1 we learn that Dr. Doom feels the need to become Iron Man since Tony Stark is no longer around. How, why, or where he’s not around is never explained, and if this issue was set sometime in the future I’d assume it was on purpose, but instead it feels as though a major part of this story is missing and we see Doom, who arguably Marvel’s best villain, turning into a hero.

Honestly, this issue missed the mark for me in quite a few ways. First, the obvious missing time mentioned above. I understand that Marvel can’t push all their books coming out of Civil War II back to accommodate missed deadlines, but this one, as a new series, seems as though it should have been delayed until after the correlating events played out in Civil War II. There’s a certain quote by new character and Stark love interest Amara Perera that seems to give away a major part of Tony Stark’s situation, in essence spoiling what we have yet to read.

Second, Dr. Doom picking up the mantle of Iron Man seems rushed, and although not completely out of nowhere if you’ve been reading writer Brian Michael Bendis’ Iron Man run, is still questionable since his powers of science and the supernatural seem intact. Why would he need to use the Iron Man suit? Unfortunately this seems just like DC’s Action Comics run with Lex Luthor in a Superman inspired suit. We can point to many similarities between the two companies, but Doom’s seems more out of character. This doesn’t even take into account that at the end of Iron Man number thirteen, Tony captured Doom in an energy prison. I guess he let him go? Maybe? The fact that I’m not sure adds to this issue’s confusion.

Finally, and this is definitely personal taste, Marvel seems to enjoy turning some of their best villains into heroes. Venom, Magneto, Sabertooth and now Doom? He has “Doom” in his name!   What I did like was the art by Alex Maleev and his opening sequence with Diablo had my hopes up, but those hopes were quickly dashed as soon as that scene was over.

It can be argued that Doom has changed and is different since coming out of the events in the recent Secret Wars, but there are just some characters that should never be good and Dr. Doom is one of them. I know this too will pass, but I was hoping for a story with an “evil” Doom donning the Iron Man mantle for the wrong reasons and only pretending to be the hero. That does not seem to be the case here so far, he seems to genuinely intend to do good, but maybe that will change up as time goes on. Infamous Doom so far isn’t for me, but I’ll read the next couple issues that I already have on order hoping that this story can turn around.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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