Thanos (2017) #1 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4/5 – Thanos Interacts with his Cosmic Castmembers.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bopb Bretall

After a brief stint on Earth helping incite Civil War II, Thanos returns to Space to find Corvus Glaive sitting on his throne in the Black Quadrant.  How do you think that might go for Corvus?  Well, we find out in this issue, as well as getting to catch up with other cosmic players such as Thanos’ brother Starfox, his son Thane, and Tryco Slatterus aka “Champion of the Universe”.  And what Thanos story would be complete without an appearance by his lady love, the personification of Death herself.  Death is looking much younger/sexier than the last time we saw her in the series The Infinity Entity and the OGN The Infinity Finale.  She used to wear flowing robes and be depicted as a normal woman or skeletal as opposed to a design with skimpier clothing that is moving even past the look of Death in Vertigo’s Sandman series.

Writer Jeff Lemire weaves quite a tales here, presenting a nice confrontation between Thanos and Corvus Glaive, as well as building up some nice tension in the story via the interactions between both Starfox and The Champion and Thane and Death.   That said, the art by Mike Deodato didn’t catch my eye quite like it has in the past.  There was what I felt to be an overuse of cross-hatches and patterns in the art that was distracting , the most extreme example of this was the overuse of a zip-a-tone like dot pattern all over Death’s face on panel 1 of the 2nd to last page of the story.  By this point the patterning was actively taking me out of the story as I kept noticing its use, which is not a good thing, in my opinion.

Lemire has a great handle on these characters and has put together a nice setup for the next chapter in Marvel’s cosmic saga.  It all builds up to a shocking final page that I won’t spoil, but I’ll be back for next issue to see where this is going.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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