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Rating: 4.5 / 5 – Recommended Reading!

First issues of a 4 issue creator-owner murder mystery by Andy Diggle & Jock, this did a great job of setting up the characters, plot, moving the story along and throwing in several twists & turns over the course of the 28 pages of story.  It’s B&W, but Jock’s art looks great in B&W and it fits the story.

The story doesn’t lay out every answer (and it shouldn’t) but I came away at the end feeling like I got a substantial chunk of storytelling and the story beat at the end came out of left feel with a definite “Wow! I have to see where they’re going to go with this!”

As an extra added treat, the protagonist works in a comic store, I loved the scene set in the shop with the hard-core customer coming in for his comics.    Good stuff, well worth the $2.99 cover price.   Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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