Superman Unchained #2 (DC)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Better than the 1st issue, but still not great

A strong opening scene sets the stage for the second issue of Superman Unchained.  With seconds to spare, Superman has to figure out how to prevent the tallest building in the world from falling, all while being attacked by the same terrorist group from issue one.  The way Scott Snyder writes the opening action, counting down the seconds while Clark contemplates each move makes you really feel the tension of the situation.  Although you know it’s Superman and somehow he’ll prevent the building from falling, the scene is still extremely enjoyable.  Both issues start with huge action that’s fitting for Superman stories, but unlike the first issue that felt a bit too heavy on action, this second issue has a much nicer balance between the action and character moments.

Those character moments include some well written scenes with the common theme of how to take down Superman if the need should ever arise.  These moments include a cool little scene between Clark and Batman, as well as between Superman and General Lane.  As always, Batman is always prepared for the eventuality mentioned above and in this issue of Superman it’s no different. This time he’s created something that counters one of Superman’s powers.  This scene is further explored in the two-page back up tale drawn by Dustin Nguyen.  By spending so much time on this scene, you get the feeling that this may come back in future issues.

During the scene with General Lane we also get to see how he prepares to defeat Superman, as well as getting our first look at the villain who we briefly saw at the end of issue one.  Hopefully this villain will be explored further as we’re two issues in and we’ve only seen this new character in just a few panels.  The book also has it’s share of Lex Luthor who looks as though he’ll play a larger role in the next issue.  It’s not very clear yet how he’ll fit into the larger story, but I have confidence that Snyder will make it gel.  The book is all drawn beautifully by Jim Lee, and just like in the first issue, Lee uses a lot of close ups on the action to make Superman, as well as the action seem larger than life.

Although this series has yet to really capture my interest, this issue is a bit of an improvement over the first.  By next issue we should start to find out a bit more about this mystery villain, what Lex Luthor’s intentions are and maybe a bit more on who’s behind all the attacks from these two issues’s openings.  I think the creators of this book have a proven track record and I’m confident they’ll be able to deliver on this story, I just hope they start to do it in the next issue.

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1 Response to Superman Unchained #2 (DC)

  1. I’m liking this series a bit more than you, Shawn. Personally I give this a 4/5, it’s my favorite of the Superman titles currently on the stands and the only one holding onto a spot on my pull list.
    I’ll be with it as long as the creative team sticks around, which if history is any indicator, means I will be reading it up until issue #6.

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