Captain America #9 (Marvel)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Captain America as a Super-Hero = Refreshing!

Captain America #9 is comics done right.  A blockbuster story, amazing and dynamic art, and a hero who never gives up and fights for what’s right.  This is the penultimate chapter in what has been an epic story-line.  Although this issue would leave a new reader coming aboard lost with all the action, for those who have been along from the start, we’re seeing the final payoff.  This storyline brings me back to Cap stories from the 70’s and 80’s and that’s a good thing!  Writer Rick Remender has taken Cap 100% in the Superhero direction, rather than previous writer’s Ed Brubaker’s more gritty and down to earth tone.  It’s a refreshing take after seeing Cap in that more “realistic” style for so long.  I was a huge fan of Brubaker’s prior work on Cap so that’s how great (and relieving) it is to see this version of Cap work.

It’s tough to review this book without spoilers, but Cap is still stuck in Dimension Z where villain Arnim Zola rules.  After the shocking ending from last issue, Cap is almost broken, both physically and emotionally.  Sharon Carter and Arnim Zola’s daughter help Cap in trying to stop Zola’s final plan from happening.  Except for a touching two-page scene that’s heartwarming and provides the emotional impact Remender is trying to drive home from last issue, it’s 100% action from start to finish

Action is what John Romita Jr.’s art delivers.  The action in this book is so well paced, and so wonderfully drawn, you can feel the impact.  Romita has been on this book for every issue and at times, there’s been some inconsistencies in his figures, or clutter and extra lines in his action panels.  Not here.  This is his best issue yet.  And it’s fitting that it’s the story that will lead us to next month’s final chapter.  The only complaint I have is with the design and visuals of Zola’s mutates.  They’re a bit boring and simplistic, and don’t provide you with a threatening visual.  What makes the art stand out so well is also Dean White’s colors.  Captain America’s iconic costume and shield stand out amongst the dark and gloomy Dimension Z.  All together it works so well.

I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up and what’s next for Cap after this storyline.  I’m excited to see Captain America written in this tone and I hope this is just the first epic storyline of more to come.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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