Robocop Last Stand #1 (Boom!)


Rating: 1/5 – Do we really need this?

The popularity of the Robocop franchise is one of the biggest in the world.  They have made 3 movies, a TV series, 2 cartoons, and countless comics based off the character.  Unfortunately, nothing following the first movie ever really hit that same plateau.  And one of the worst had to be the third movie.

So why do we need a comic based off the original screenplay of Robocop 3?  The simple answer, we don’t

Boom studios took over the Robocop license from Dynamite and decided that it’s first comic will be a retelling of Robocop 3 with Frank Miller at the helm.  The story is pretty similar where OCP is kicking people out of their homes by force with a new more lethal and brutal police force.  Robocop is on the run and wanted for taking the fight back to OCP.  Besides that, there’s not much else.

The story is completely in the “been there, done that” realm.  And the art is just awful.  It seems like a very rushed version of the old Robocop Avatarr book.  Nothing flows well and it just looks sloppy.  The characters do not flow from one panel to the next.  Everything also is very gritty, which if done right would have looked good.  But this just looks bad.

Why we keep giving the Robocop ball to Frank Miller is a mystery to me.  Boom could have done so much more.  Years back, Dark Horse did a Robocop vs Terminator book that was interesting and different.  That’s what we need from Robocop now.  Not more of the same but tell new stories.  Explore the world of Robocop, Detroit , and OCP.  Instead we get another retelling of a bad movie that is going to last for 8 issues.

Reviewed by: Chris Stark – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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