Wolverine #8 (Marvel)

Wolverine 8

Rating: 3/5 – Great creative team, not great results.

Wolverine number 8 is the first of a six-part storyline called Killable.  Although this series has not been one that I have particularly enjoyed, I thought I would give this issue a chance as the premise behind the story is intriguing, and of course because of the Alan Davis art.  After battling a viral entity/virus that was able to eventually break down Wolverine’s healing factory, he now has to deal with the fact that he’s not invincible, or immortal.  Obviously this has changed the way he acts as he just can’t throw himself headfirst into danger.  The loss of the healing factor has changed what he is.  In order to fix this problem, he needs to find someone who has the power to control and kill viruses.  The problem…that person is being held prisoner by the nation of Wakanda and the Black Panther.

Writer Paul Cornell does a well enough job writing this issue and it’s probably the best of the series so far, but it’s still not enough to make me want to come back for the next issue.  Especially after the last page that comes out of nowhere.  After a whole issue taking place in Wakanda and dealing with Storm and Black Panther, the last page cliffhanger introduces another character into the mix that interrupts the flow and changes the book’s setting way too abruptly.  An unfortunate end to an already just average book.

The bright spot of the issue though is Alan Davis’ art.  Its great to see his work on a monthly book and it’s a pleasure to see the fight scene between Wolverine and Black Panther.  Davis’ is able to differentiate his characters with correct proportion.  Seeing Wolverine’s short and stocky frame against Black Panther’s tall and lean build is exactly what you’d expect.  Davis knows how to make his style look “cartoony” and realistic at the same time.

Although the premise of the story sounded good, the execution isn’t working so I think I’ll be giving up on this series for now.  Let’s hope the creative team involved can turn it around as these two together should be a winning combination.

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