Thor: God of Thunder #11 (Marvel)

Thor 11

Rating: 5/5 – One of the best modern day Thor stories concluded

Thor number eleven is not only the conclusion to the Godbomb storyline, but it also wraps up the God Butcher tale that started way back in the first issue.  Although this particular issue is not friendly to new readers coming in, it’s a fulfilling conclusion to an epic story that ran for the most part of a year.  Many conclusions in comics wrap up the current storyline, while setting up the next with dangling questions and story points.  Not so here.  Although there’s a part of the story that writer Jason Aaron or other future writers can use, we’re left with a satisfying ending that wraps everything up.

This storyline has dealt with Gorr the God Butcher traveling across space and time killing gods.  Years and years ago Gorr’s prayers went unanswered.  He made it his mission to ensure that  would never happen to anyone else, as he would see to it that there were no more gods left to pray to.  For his final act, he’s created a “god”bomb that will essentially kill every god that ever was or will be.  Without spoiling too much as this is the final chapter, Thor the Avenger  who continues to partner with the younger Thor and the Odin-like Thor from different time periods, try to stop the Godbomb from completing it’s task.  Jason Aaron does such a great job of giving each of the Thor’s different personalities and I hope he continues to use them together for future stories.

Artist Esad Ribic once again impresses with the energy put into each page.  The Thors are beaten and bloodied and you can feel the strain of the muscles as Ribic understands human anatomy.  It’s a realistic style that makes you feel that there is dimension to the muscles underneath the pencils.  He’s also able to draw alien worlds and creatures just as easily.  His design work on Gorr for instance makes him scary, because he makes him look “real” and he’s able to again, give him weight and dimension.  He’s a perfect fit for this title.  It’s a shame that he won’t be on this book for a while with the conclusion of this issue, but it’s a well deserved break.

If you haven’ t read this new series of Thor I strongly recommend doing so.  I do believe that this will go down as one of the best modern Thor stories written.  Jason Aaron is doing something special with this character and I can not wait to see if he can top it with his next storyline.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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  1. Nice review, couldn’t agree more. Once I put it down I said “this is the first 5/5 I have read in recently.” A great story that got a quality ending to it.

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