Hinterkind #1 (DC/Vertigo)


Rating: 4/5 – Welcome to the future, humans are very tasty…

Ian Edginton does a great job on this #1 issue.  He introduces the key players Prosper, her grandfather & Angus, a number of secondary characters, and a post-apocalyptic world/ecosystem.  He drops hints and lays out breadcrumbs for future storylines whilst also following up on some of them with additional information that even though it’s only the next crumb in the trail gives the reader a sense of closure.

There’s a LOT of unresolved plot here and I was left wanting to come back for more (the goal of any #1 issue, certainly) but at the same time I felt like I got a good solid chunk of story right here within the pages of this issue.

And what a story.   It’s many years after some kind of disaster wiped out most of the people on Earth. Nature is taking back control of the planet, the views of New York City overgrown with greenery instead of showing it as a rubble-strewn desolate waste is very different and definitely compelling.  Francesco Trifogli does a nice job of illustrating this world and has some very cool creature designs (I particularly liked the ligons).

Humans exist in small groups and there also seem to be lots of semi-mystical creatures out there that have no love for humans except in that they are very tasty when cooked up over an open fire.  The Hinterkind seem to be comprised of faeries, ogres, trolls, centaurs, unicorns, etc. and we’ll no doubt be learning much more about them as the series progresses and they come into direct conflict with our human protagonists.

I’m on board for this series that blends of sci-fi and fantasy to bring us a tale unlike any other on the comic racks today.

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  1. Flint Lockjaw says:

    …And he’s a 2000ad writer!

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