Damian: Son of Batman #2 (DC)

Damian 2

Rating: 3.5/5 – A better second issue with Damian as Batman.

After reviewing the first issue of Damian: Son of Batman I wasn’t the biggest fan of Andy Kubert’s portrayal of Damian.  To me, he came across as out of character for how I know him.  In this second issue, although I think the characterization is more fitting, it still didn’t hook me.  The art is of course beautiful, but the story still misses the mark in spots.

This second issue opens with answering the big question left hanging from last issue.  It was a satisfying tie up of the loose ends that moved the story forward, while setting up Damian’s journey as the new Batman that we saw way back in Grant Morrison’s run.  We then get to see Damian in action as he goes up against Professor Pyg in an older and now vacant Arkham Asylum.  Much like last issue though, we’ll have to wait to get a lot of answers as to what’s going on as the story suffers from some pacing issues.  One minute Damian is in church confessing his sins to a priest it feels like we should know but don’t, the next he’s playing chess on a computer tracking the Joker, then fighting Professor Pyg in a location that’s not made known to the reader.  It jumps around too much at the end which made the book feel rushed and left me confused.

The art though is once again the highlight of the book.  Kubert draws Damian in the “new” Batman costume, trench coat and all and it looks great.  There’s a lot of panels to each page which visually tells a great story even though at times the writing doesn’t.  Colorist Brad Anderson really does a great job using a wide range of colors to tell the story.  The book feels dark, but in a great way.  His colors fit the story and tone of Batman’s world so well.

This second issue is better than the first, but still suffers from the pacing issues mentioned above.  Now that we have Damian in the Bat suit, I’m interested in reading how this book will end with just two issues left.  I know that the art will be great in the last two issues, I’m just hoping the story will match.

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