Juice Squeezers #1 (Dark Horse)


Rating: 4.5/5 – High adventure happening under the ground.

A group of kids battle giant bugs.  I was originally not going to pick this up since I’m not a fan of bugs, but I’m glad I changed my mind and read this new series created, written and illustrated by David Lapham.  It’s every bit as good as Stray Bullets or Young Liars in more of an all ages package.

There’s blood & guts in the story, but mostly from the bugs, and any kid that likes adventure and is not totally squeamish about bugs would love this comic, it would be perfect for the right kid ages 8-10 and up.  The “and up” is important because it’s not a kids comic, it’s just a comics that a kid can enjoy.  It a plain straight-up adventure with protagonists who happen to be a plucky group of kids, ages maybe 11 or 12, who happen to be small enough to get down into the tunnels the giant bugs have burrowed under Weeville and fight the insects on their own turf, keeping them from coming above ground for a mass attack.

What do bugs mostly want?  Food.  So it’s probably a good idea not to re-start the Valley May Farm (abandoned for many years) to grow that food that will bring the bugs above ground.  The trouble is keeping the giant bug problem a secret means that the farm was sold and the new owner is planning to start it back up, hoping to grow a lot of crops in the rich valley soil.

Lapham has created a fabulous cast of characters and placed them into a very demanding and unique situation.  Another nice twist is that they’re not the plucky kids fighting the evil threat while the clueless adults don’t know what’s going on.  They’re an elite squad that has been recruited and trained by adults who themselves were once Juice Squeezers.  They’re ass-kicking action heroes fighting giant bugs in their underground tunnels because they’re still small enough to fit down there.   Juice Squeezers is a blast!  Check it out in your local shop on Dec 31st!

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