Minimum Wage #1 (Image)

MinWage 1

Rating: 4/5 – Minimum Wage provides maximum enjoyment.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Minimum Wage is the everyday story of Rob Hoffman.  Rob is simply struggling.  He’s going through a divorce, living at his mom’s house, and is desperately looking for love…again.  He’s a likeable character that’s not a slacker, but is unfortunately not finding a whole lot of success in life.  It’s an entertaining read by creator Bob Fingerman, who after a ten plus year hiatus from the series, comes back with a new number one issue from Image.

I haven’t read the first series that takes us through Rob’s marriage, and I had no problems picking this issue up and enjoying it without any of that prior knowledge or history.  All you need to know is that he’s separated from his wife as he’s going through a divorce, and he’s dealing with it the best he can.  He has some ups, but mostly downs.  He’s an endearing character and that’s because of Fingerman’s writing.  He uses heavy dialogue that’s both witty and funny.  Although at times Rob’s internal dialogue seems forced, it’s still humorous and entertaining.  There’s a lot to read in this issue, but it’s never boring, or feels like its too much.

Fingerman’s art is just as strong, if not stronger than his writing and that’s saying something.  There’s plenty of detail on each page, and although his characters are not realistic, you soon learn to accept the style and embrace it as the world they’re in.  He uses a color palette of black, white and blue which also contributes to the overall mood and look.  Rob always seems to stand out a bit more in his solid black t-shirt, keeping the focus of your eyes on Rob as it should…its his story.  The ending sets the stage for a dramatic and funny second issue.  There’s a lot to like within this first issue and you don’t need to know anything from the original series to pick this up, enjoy it, and laugh.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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2 Responses to Minimum Wage #1 (Image)

  1. sappmatthew says:

    I was actually looking at getting this the other day. I’m going to start the series. How many issues are in it so far?

    • 1st issue just came out last week.

      If you mean how many have been solicited, #3 is in the January Previews catalog:

      story BOB FINGERMAN
      art / cover BOB FINGERMAN
      MARCH 12 / 24 PAGES / BW / M / $3.50
      Rob and May reach an unforeseen milestone in their relationship, but that’s nothing compared to his chance encounter with the eccentric co-star of one of his favorite childhood TV shows. Uncomfortable hugs, inappropriate cabbies, obese Klingons, and really creepy puppets flesh out the third issue of BOB FINGERMAN’s so-real-it-hurts series.

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