X-Files Conspiracy: Ghostbusters #1 (IDW)


Rating: 2.5/5 – The Truth is Out There: Some crossovers just don’t work.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

I haven’t been following the X-Files books from IDW, not because I’m not a fan, but just because I missed the Season 10 series that IDW  first started publishing in 2013 and haven’t had the chance to catch up yet.  When seeing the X-Files Conspiracy: Ghostbusters title, it combined two franchisees I really enjoy into one.  Unfortunately, the X-Files part of this book didn’t include Mulder and Scully, but instead starred the Lone Gunmen.  I like the Lone Gunmen, but I don’t like them enough to buy an issue where they’re the main characters.  This is a one and done issue in a larger storyline titled Conspiracy where IDW will release four crossover issues, starting and ending with two bookends that complete the event.

According to the summary page, the Lone Gunmen have received information from the future that the human race is on the verge of a cataclysm that’s somehow linked to urban legends.  Those urban legends include this issue’s Ghostbusters, and follow up guest stars the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and the Crow.  You do have to suspend your belief in the “realism” of the X-Files universe to enjoy this series and this issue.  Writer Erik Burnham tells a pretty simple story here that doesn’t seem all that threatening or dire.   Stand alone stories usually work for crossover issues like this one, but unfortunately this wasn’t all that engaging, and in no way leads me wanting to pick up the next issue.

The art by Salvador Navarro does a good enough job to suit the story, but much like the story there is a lack of excitement and energy to the art.  The characters look static and posed and the action scenes, although only a couple of them, didn’t impress.  The ghost in the story is Navarro’s best work, but the way the story unfolds doesn’t make it that much of a threat.  The story poses an interesting idea at the end, but concludes too quickly to explore it further (maybe this will be explored in other parts of the crossover).  If you’re a fan of the Lone Gunmen and Ghostbusters, you may find some enjoyment from this issue.  Unfortunately, the lack of the main X-Files characters and a story that’s average at best left me not wanting to read the rest of this Conspiracy storyline.  After reading this issue, it feels a bit like IDW is forcing their licensed characters into a crossover to try to increase the audience, but by doing so I think they’ve weakened the individual brands.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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