ADVANCE REVIEW: Genesis One-Shot (Image)


Rating: 4/5 – A mind-bending excursion powered by one very special man’s mind.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

We normally review books when they are published and you can go right out and buy them at your local comic shop.  There’s a problem with that sometimes.  What if your comic shop didn’t order the comic?  Or if they only ordered them for people who pre-ordered them on their pull list with maybe 1 or 2 copies for the rack and you were not at the shop right when they opened on Wednesday?  I’ve long felt that pre-ordering books, especially new creator-owned books, is absolutely essential.  That’s why I was eager to read & review this book right away when it was sent to me by Alison Sampson for advance review.

Genesis is a creator-owned book scripted by Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?, The Activity, Dream Merchant, Marvel’s Black Widow) with art by newcomer Alison Sampson, who has a background in architecture and whose comics resume seems to only include a short story in 2013’s Outlaw Territory Vol. 3 anthology from Image.

This is the story of Adam, a preacher, who discovers after a near-death experience that he has the ability to create anything just by thinking about it.  Seems pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Not so fast. there’s a “Midas touch” downside, because things manifest not just on command, but ANY time he thinks of something, some for good and some ill.  Think of how your own mind can wander and factor in the often bizarre thoughts that can run through the human subconscious.

Edmondson goes all out with the story.  We start relatively simply, then begin to see the cracks and then things go completely off the rails into the vast realm of Adam’s imagination, creatively illustrated by Sampson as she experiments with page designs and panel layouts that adroitly illustrate the mundane and the surreal as we barrel through the world-altering ramifications of Adam’s abilities.

If the book sounds interesting based on what you’ve read here, please go to your shop before they complete their February order and let them know you’d like a copy of the book, Alison Sampson created an order slip you can print out and hand in at your shop.  “Wait for the Trade” readers should keep in mind that this is a one-shot and won’t be collected later on. Cast your vote in advance that you are interested in reading the comic and buy it on April 16th, I’ve ordered my copy!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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