One Hit Wonder #1 (Image)


Rating: 3/5 – One time child star turns Hollywood hitman.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

Being both a long time comic book reader and a long time cinephile, the idea of Image’s new One Hit Wonder series intrigued the hell out of me upon first hearing of it.  Written by Fabrice Sopolsky (Spider-Man Noir) with art by Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Daredevil), One Hit Wonder is the tale of one time child star turned Hollywood hitman extraordinaire.  This blend of crime comics and a movie insider setting should have come together to form one hell of a fun read for me.  Sadly, it did no such thing.

Now don’t get me wrong, One Hit Wonder is not a bad comic, but it is a lot less than I was hoping for or even expecting.  A slightly above average story (though a great premise) with slightly better than above average art, One Hit Wonder may have potential but I wouldn’t say it has much of anything else.  Feeling a bit rushed in its storytelling and maybe even just as hurried in its artwork, One Hit Wonder is a comic that shoulda coulda woulda been more entertaining.   At the same time it is a comic that can chip away at my cinema-centric sensibilities, and the Tarantino-esque play in the book is something that makes me forgive other deficiencies more than I otherwise would.

One Hit Wonder should have been a no-brainer win for this comic-loving cinephile to love, but issue #1 missed the mark.   Sopolsky and Olivetti are just getting started, and perhaps the potential that I do see in this first issue will come into bloom in succeeding issues, I can play the eternal optimist with the best of ’em (something that annoys my wife a-plenty) and therefore, I have higher hopes for issue #2.  I mean really, how can the combo of crime comic and cinematic street cred not be something to look forward to?

Reviewed by: Kevyn Knox

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