All-New Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 4/5 – A different spin on the classic character.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Chris Stark.

Every few years, it seems Marvel tries to pull our a Ghost Rider comic. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. But with each series, we get a little different take on the character that at least provides a bit of interest and tries to break away from the same old demon on a motorcycle that made the character iconic.

This time, we are in LA, and not one of the better parts. We have gangs stealing comics and wheelchairs from crippled kids and murder in broad daylight. Enter our hero, Robbie Reyes. Robbie is a mechanic and a seemingly good guy stuck in a bad situation. He is raising his crippled brother in these terrible conditions and trying to do it the right way. However, every hero has that tragic flaw. Robbie’s is being desperate to provide a better life for himself and his brother. So what does any car guy with a classic muscle car do? Street race it to win fifty grand of course. This proves his downfall and the appearance of our flaming skull. But how it happens gives us the base for what appears to be our first shot at vengeance.

The name that most people will know on this book is Tradd Moore. His art is very unlike any Ghost Rider book of the past. It has a cartoon quality to it with television animation styles. But it completely fits. The line-work is astounding from the basic talking scenes to the action panels.  The story looks to be heading in a good direction thanks to Felipe Smith. The first issue is a set-up book where we meet everyone and get some basic information about what is going to move the story forward. And this is a much better start than the last Ghost Rider series.  Overall, I am on-board for the initial ride, no pun intended. I always enjoy a good Ghost Rider story and this different take might be just what the character needs to get back in the spotlight.

Reviewed by: Chris Stark
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2 Responses to All-New Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel)

  1. Very different from my feelings about the issue, I’d give it a 2.5, mostly because I thought the writing was weak.

    Felipe Smith’s story hit a lot of my “1st issue hot buttons” for writers who are writing a story that will probably read just fine in a collected edition but leave a lot to be desired, at least for me, when presented as an issue of a monthly comic. One thing I thought might bug me was taking the Rider off his traditional motorcycle and putting him into a muscle car. That didn’t phase me at all. What did phase me was the weak storytelling. A lot of time was spent on excessive detail in the character introductions. I like to see the cast introduced, as well as getting an idea of the relationships between cast members and the main protagonist. That said, there is a line where this becomes excessive when you should be setting up a series by including essential detail into the 1st issue.

    How about a little explanation, or at least some image or motivation behind WHY the Ghost Rider transformation is going to happen to Robbie? Does not need to be a whole “deal with the devil” thing like we’ve gotten on previous riders, but throw me a bone and don’t have it just happen out of the blue. It would have been easy to thropw in a few panels setting this up instead of having all the panel-space spent on Robbie’s boss and brother, which could have been cut down a bit and been just as effective. What about the overly extended car chase? We got zero setup for what the “cops” did to Reyes. We could have EASILY gotten a panel or 2 setting this up also. Instead it just happened, presumedly to be explained in later issues that I won’t be buying. The job of a #1 comic is to get the reader to buy issue #2, not to tell 1/6th of the story that will be collected in the trade paperback.

  2. I haven’t read it, but these reviews don’t make me think I’m missing out on much. Ghost Rider not on a motorcycle just seems wrong to me. I don’t think that this series will last long and overall, have not heard enough good things about it to spend the money. I hope that I’m proven wrong.

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