World’s Finest: Futures End #1 (DC)

Worlds Finest Futures End


Rating: 3.5/5 – Power Girl Tries to become a Huntress.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer David Akers.

By now, I’m sure you are aware that DC has a weekly book called Futures End. This month, all of DC’s mainstream books take a break and get to force themselves into a one-shot tie-in. In addition, each of these books gets a gimmick version: a lenticular version of the cover, much like the 3-D books that came out last year, but instead of a 3-D effect they kind of swap back and forth between 2 images when viewed at different angles.. But there’s a problem with these books: outside of the gimmicky cover it’s hard to know where they fit into DC’s story continuity.

In Futures End: World’s Finest Power Girl is searching for Huntress, who was her partner while they were trapped on Earth 1. She has heard Helena screaming and finds her on Cadmus Island. Breaking in turns out to be harder than she thought, and escaping the island nearly impossible. There’s even a bit appearance by the character who is expected to become the Power Girl of Earth 1, along with a few other characters on Cadmus Island.

Let’s face it, I love Paul Levitz, who wrote the issue. I’ve been a fan of his since he started his second, more-important run on Legion of Super-Heroes. The Great Darkness Saga is a masterpiece. And his work here is good, if a bit hamstrung by being forced into a crossover. And I can’t really complain much about Yildiray Cinar’s art. It’s beautiful to look at, though his faces seem a bit unusual, but you get used to it as a style. My one complaint really is this: Power Girl gets rid of her costume, finds another, and when it gets ripped, it tears in such a way as to bring back the hole in the chest. I guess that was supposed to be a cute callback to the common comment about her costumes, but I found it a bit juvenile. And outside of the costume scene, there was very little of the characterization we know from the regular series. They could have put just about any other characters into the story and we would never have known the difference.

But for me, the biggest problem with the book is that, like most of the Futures End books, you don’t know for sure where it fits into the bigger picture.  Readers of the event know that Power Girl ends up battling Deathstroke in the main Futures End book, so this must come before that, except that during the battle with Deathstroke she’s wearing the costume she destroyed in this issue. Maybe not a big deal to some readers, but for me these little inconsistencies really ruin the overall experience.  DC tries really hard with these yearly “September” events but I’m not sure how well they succeed in doing more than interrupting the flow of their regular titles for one month out of every year.

Reviewed by: David Akers
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