Convergence #2 (DC)



Rating: 2.5/5 – Read the Tie-Ins, Avoid the Main Event.
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

I want to love Convergence. I really do. I’m a huge DC fan and the possibilities that Convergence can present are promising and exciting. Usually in big line-wide events like this it’s the main series that delivers on the thrills, the new changes to continuity and an overall tighter storyline, while the tie-ins are questionable as to how much they impact the overall story and whether or not they’re required reading. Convergence has so far been the exact opposite of this. Although the first weeks worth of Convergence titles were somewhat lacking in enjoyment, week two of the event saw some pretty enjoyable issues while the main series continues to be a chore to read.

While all the Convergence tie-ins are meshing worlds together in a fight for survival, Convergence is focusing in on a smaller group of heroes and their battle against Telos. That smaller group of heroes isn’t made up of multiple characters across DC’s rich history and continuity, but instead focuses on the Justice League from the New 52’s Earth 2. While in the tie-ins we get to see characters from Kingdom Come and pre-Flashpoint DC, this main series lacks all of that potential. In fact I’d go as far as saying if you haven’t read Earth 2, then this will miss the mark for you in almost every way including the last page ending that left even me second guessing why this is impactful. Although there’s one particular moment that’s compelling, it serves as a reminder of just much potential has been squandered so far.

Carlo Pagulayan’s pencils are strong in this issue despite the lackluster setting and world the group of Earth 2 heroes are trapped within. Pagulayan has to draw a lot of different characters and he makes it look easy, but despite the art it’s never enough to make up for writing. When DC announced this series I questioned the choice of newcomer to the world of comics Jeff King, and so far it looks as though I was justified in those concerns. I’m holding out hope that this series still has time to turn around, but this is one event where the main series is the weakest point of the line-wide event.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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1 Response to Convergence #2 (DC)

  1. It definitely has not been the best big event to come out of DC. I hate all the tie-ins and the main series is at least getting a wee bit more interesting, at least I think so. Even then, it has not been stellar.

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