Sons of the Devil #1 (Image)



Rating: 3/5 – Thriller That’s All Breadcrumbs So Far.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Writer Brian Buccellato is laying down a trail of breadcumbs that will no doubt lead somewhere over time, but after reading this debut issue I had the feeling that I would have liked a little more payoff and a little less setup.  That’s the real trick with any new series, isn’t it?  You’re building a world, setting the scene, introducing characters, and at the same time in order to provide a satisfying monthly read a writer also needs to get some kind of feeling of a payoff in each issue.

Toni Infante’s art was a nice match for Buccellato’s story.  Dark and scratchy with stylized and expressive characters populating the pages.  The coloring was dark in places, but that was setting a mood that worked for me in the darkened interior locations.  Outside during the day, it was suitably bright with a warmer color palette.  Forster homes, murders, torture, and people with two differently colored eyes.  How do they all fit together?  Beats me!  I’m going to have to see where Buccellato takes this story to find out.

The challenge I had was that there was a lot going on at the same time that too little information was making it’s way to me so I could firmly make sense of the story.  Interestingly, the issue is titled “Revelations”, but I felt little was revealed to help me make sense of the action.  I have confidence in Buccellato and am going to give him some time to build the story, but this seems like it will work better for me if read in complete story arcs.  I’ll be saving up the issues and reading a bunch of them together.  You may want to wait for the trade, or maybe you’ll make some cognitive connection that I was not able to and the whole first issue will make perfect sense to you as a standalone unit.  I’m on board for the first arc, there was enough of a setup here that I really want to know what happens next, but for me I’m going to wait and read issues #2 through 5 or 6 together.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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