Tyson Hesse’s Diesel #1 (BOOM!)



Rating: 5/5 – Fun and Funny Adventure For All Ages!
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall

This latest all ages book from BOOM! Box was thoroughly delightful!  The story follows Dee “I’ll be 18 tomorrow” Diesel as she tries to find her place on the fantasy airship, really a small flying city, left to her by her father.  She comes into her inheritance on her 18th birthday, that is if she can make it until tomorrow!

Tyson Hesse is handling the art and story, and very ably.  He’s got little humorous bits in the art that support the story and dialogue.  The dialogue is witty and is supported by some really wonderful expressions on the characters he has speaking the words. Dee wants to take over the ship as “co-Captain”, an idea that doesn’t sit very well with the current Captain (aptly named ‘Cap’) who regards Dee as a screw-up.  The view of Dee as a lovable but painfully inept character seems to be held by a number of crew members, but Hesse hints at some hidden facets to the character that build up to the final panel of the issue.  Dee has hidden talents, but just how they will play out is something to be revealed as the story marches on over the next few issues.

This is a great first issue.  Hesse introduces a bunch of characters, establishing backstory for several, while simultaneously building up the world they’re operating in all within the context of the story.  He takes from scene to scene while moving events forward and loading us up with information all woven into the fabric of the story.  As with most series that resonate with me, I quickly fell in love with the characters, particularly our plucky heroine Dee Diesel, and I eagerly look forward to seeing more of the story next issue.  This comic is all ages in the best sense; completely engaging and appropriate for younger readers and equally compelling for adult readers.  This one gets my highest recommendation!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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1 Response to Tyson Hesse’s Diesel #1 (BOOM!)

  1. Was thinking of grabbing this, but I get too much as it is. Trade for me by the sounds of it.

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