Flash #47 (DC)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Why is Zoom called Reverse Flash?
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Brett Downard

Right now, I am by no means a “DC guy” being that I just cut all but Astro City and the Flash. I’m sure they’re producing other great books, but I’m just not digging what they’re doing as a whole. With so many choices out there it’s hard to pick what books to get as they come out, and what books to wait and find in the dollar bins. That being said in my opinion Flash is well worth the $3.99 cover price.

This is what the last few months have been building to, the Flash vs. Zoom and his Acolytes. We start off right in the middle of the action, and it doesn’t let up until the end. As the fight goes on, writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen reveal pieces of Zoom’s past and how it has affected Flash. What I’ve been loving most about this book is when I get half way through it, it feels like I’ve read a whole issue of most other comics I’m reading now a days. They put so much into each issue: action, drama, and most important to me, character.

Artist Brett Booth’s sharp art and quick panel layouts work great for the Flash. My only complaint about his art is he draws everyone so skinny and tall. On one hand I like it because it looks really cool, but on the other hand does everyone have to look like that? I let this slide for the fact that this is a book where characters can run though time, so why can’t all the characters be skinny and tall. Everything flows very fluently, plus with the toned down coloring for past scenes it makes the story easy to follow. The other parts of the book are colored with the characters being bold and bright, while the backgrounds are darker. For me, this works amazingly well because it makes the characters seem as if they are jumping out of the page.

With the end of this issue I look forward to what the future holds for the Flash. If you’re a fan of fun, action packed, story filled superhero books I suggest you add this to you pull list.

Reviewed by: Brett Downard
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