Mighty Thor (2016) #5 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – Every Bit Legit As Her Predecessor!
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

Jane Foster has been wielding Mjolnir since 2014 and continuously proves herself time and again to be worthy, but not everyone else feels this way. Asgard wants Mjolnir back so the “rightful” Thor may take up the hammer, and by Asgard I mean Odin. The Goddess of Thunder is a trickster worse than Loki in Odin’s eye, believing that she is the reason why his son no longer holds Mjolnir in his hands. The Goddess of Thunder is not ready to let go, in more ways than one.

Writer Jason Aaron takes drama to the next level in his writing, especially with the Goddess of Thunder. Jane Foster is not only battling cancer, but battling as Thor as well. While reading this issue I couldn’t help but hope for a much more intense fight between Thor and Odin. Jane Foster obviously still loves the son of Odin and because of Odin they are no longer able to be together. You can feel the fury from Jane Foster from Jason Aaron’s writing. Jason Aaron did a marvelous job at showing the intensity and rage of Jane Foster towards Odin during the fight, but the fight was short lived by actions in Asgard. This issue is filled with emotion, and it’s laid on thick, which is typically how Jason Aaron’s run of new Thor has been.

I have to hand it to Artist Russell Dauterman for supplying some top-notch art. With Jason Aaron laying out the heavy story, dialogue and layout, you have Russell Dauterman just supplying gallant angles and deep scenes. He shows the struggle and toll Jane Foster is facing on a daily basis while fighting cancer, and illustrates her amazing life with or without Mjolnir in her hand. He delivers the Goddess of Thunder in a glorious way that only the gods would see fit. The elements of the costume are much more detailed than the attire of other Thors; she is definitely defined as her own unique Thor.

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman never seem to stop pulling me in to want more when I finish reading an issue. It’s been an extraordinary ride from the beginning and I can’t help but wonder what is next.  By the end of this issue I got a taste of what is to come, and this exotic “magic mixed with science” ride is not over yet.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Aaron & Dauterman will take me.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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