The Devil’s Only Friend (Arsenic Lullaby)


CREDIT: Douglas Paszkiewicz

Rating: 5/5 – Do You Like the Dark Side of Humor? Try This!
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall

I’ve been a HUGE fan of the self-published Arsenic Lullaby for a long time, I first discovered it around 2000 and was hooked.  Creator Douglas has a unique way of looking at the world and that translates into his comics work.  Arsenic Lullaby is NOT for the easily offended or faint of heart.  No topic is safe and taboos are turned inside out all for the sake of humor.

Paszkiewicz has been working on this giant tome of original material for a couple of years now.  I kickstarted the project back in June of 2014, and along the way Paszkiewicz was noticed by the folks at Comedy Central, having a couple of his story ideas adapted for the Trip Tank show.  I follow his blog, which is a fascinating trip through Paszkiewicz’s mind and sometimes his creative process that I find tremendously entertaining…and it’s FREE!  Paszkiewicz is very transparent about what is going on with his creative process and I think it has helped me understand his creations a bit better along the way.

The Devil’s Only Friend is 72 pages in full color and mixes one-page gag strips with a few longer stories.  It’s kind of had to give any kind of plot summary, it’s best if you experience Arsenic Lullaby and see if you like it.  You may love it (like I do), find it amusing, or absolutely hate it…all valid responses because it’s not pulling any punches and people’s reactions to humor (of any kind) varies widely.  The cover (above) has Voodoo Joe and his zombie fetus army.  The fact that Paszkiewicz has zombie fetus in the first place could be very offensive to some people.  If they are, look elsewhere for your laughs.  If you think nothing is taboo as long as it’s in service of humor, press on.  Here’s a great one-page gag from The Devil’s Only Friend that really tickled my funny bone:



Now I’m going to be thinking of this EVERY time I see a charming little kid playing in a box…. Thanks, Douglas!  Check out even more samples of Paszkiewicz’s twisted humor on the Arsenic Lullaby website.

This is an advance review, the book isn’t in your comic shop, but good news: it IS in the April Previews Catalog Item code APR161272.  Here’s the thing… this is not the kind of book most comic shops are going to notice or buy, buried in the back half of previews unless customers ask them for it.  Read the samples.  If they make you laugh and you want more, go to your Local Shop and ask them to order this for you: APR161272.  You’ll get your copy in June.  If you want some edgy humor, give Arsenic Lullaby a try!

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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