Captain Marvel #6 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel

Rating: 3.5/5 – The Timing Seems Off on this Issue.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Civil War II is in full swing with a large amount of crossovers, mini-series and more coming out each week from Marvel. Not only are there plenty of mini-series, but the effects and tie-ins for Civil War II are taking over a large number of the monthly titles, especially for those characters that play a larger role in the event, like Captain Marvel. Coordinating a large event like this can be tough and we’ve seen events struggle in the past with timing and release schedules with the first Civil War event providing a prime example. Although this sixth issue of Captain Marvel is a solid and enjoyable story, the timing seemed out of sync and underplayed.

If you’ve been reading the main Civil War II event, then you’ll know that Captain Marvel is one of the major players in the story. For a reason I won’t spoil here, Captain Marvel and Iron Man are at odds with one another and after issue two of the main book, I thought we’d be getting a little more into the continuation of that story. Also, although covers are usually no longer inclusive of the story inside, seeing Captain Marvel crushing Iron Man’s helmet hinted that we’d maybe see a fleshing out of their important confrontation. Nope on both counts.

Instead, Captain Marvel six seems to takes place almost right after the first issue of Civil War II. Not only that, but the story is headed in a direction that feels as though it could be ignored in the overall event. While I find this perfectly OK, new readers to Civil War II may be turned off a bit if they were expecting something more of a tie in to issue #2 of the main series that just came out, based on cover branding here. Writers Ruth Fletcher Gage and Christos Gage have Captain Marvel attempting to stop the Kree scientist Dr. Minerva from releasing a biological weapon that is turning humans into Kree. Around this storyline are the past events from the first issue of Civil War II, and we do get to see how Captain Marvel views the new Inhuman Ulysses, but this issue doesn’t have a greater impact on the main event.

If you’re looking for another solid issue in a series that’s been enjoyable from issue one, then this issue of Captain Marvel may fill the bill. If you’re expecting and hoping this issue will have greater importance in the Civil War II event, then you may be disappointed. This book seems like it’s about a month too late in terms of tying into the event and fails to capitalize on Carol Danvers’ importance to Marvel’s future…but…it’s still an enjoyable sixth issue that could have been better if released alongside or right before the first issue of Civil War II.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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