Uncanny Inhumans #12 (Marvel)


CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 4.5/5 – A Must Read, the Inhumans Side of  Civil War II.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

Like many other Marvel comics recently, the cover of Uncanny Inhumans #12 has a  Civil War II banner at the top.  This issue continues the story that’s been happening since issue 1, but because the Inhumans play a big part in Civil War II their comic is slipped into the mix. The last issue I reviewed was #5, and back then I didn’t trust the Inhumans because everything was all over the place with their story. Things have now leveled out, at least better than it was back in issue #5. This far into the series there is more going on, but at least at this point it’s easy to make sense of everything. Black Bolt has his own bar, but this story really isn’t about him anymore, it’s about Medusa. Medusa is now the solo ruler of New Attilan, and with Iron Man sneaking into New Attilan to kidnap Ulysses (the Inhuman at the center of Civil War II), she has made it her sworn duty to completely destroy Tony Stark’s personal life. In a remotely crafty way, I have come to respect her tactics and how writer Charles Soule plays them out.

With all the fighting going on, Medusa has to keep her kingdom in check and also make sure that they are not on the wrong side during the Civil War, but that isn’t easy when you are the people dishing out all the information about the future (via Ulysses) to save the Universe. Things get worse in this issue; now the Inhumans have to worry about being attacked by their own people. With everyone in the Marvel Universe on edge, the worst thing that can happen to New Attilan,is to be put on the wrong side of the war. All the Inhumans in the world are not in New Attilan, and those other Inhuman groups don’t think too highly of Medusa and her people. A plan has been set in motion by some old enemies to bring Medusa down, and put them into a negative view by the people of Earth. The first step was attacking someone that Medusa is on the ropes with, and the second step is to put the spotlight on Medusa like she was the cause of it all. Soule’s writing is emotional and chaotic; his storytelling keeps me on edge and wanting more. I want to give more information on the comic, but I feel like anything else is spoiling it. Things recently got more intense in issue 11, and seeing how that was last month’s issue I don’t want to ruin anything with details, all I can say is don’t read issue 12 unless you have read issue 11.

The series has seen multiple artists so far, Carlos Pacheco is the fourth artist up to bat. Pacheo brings great sceneries and dramatic bold moments to the pages of these recent issues. You can slightly see a change of detail when distance is a factor, close up to moderate distance views are crisp and clean, when things get about 10-20 feet away things appear a bit less crisp. I know I don’t see every detail or line on a body from 20 feet away, so Pacheo’s depiction of visual distance with his art is not only well done, it’s on the money. At first I was critical of how the distance changed the detail, but then I caught onto how he worked started liking it. With Pacheo’s style of art he can keep things looking good at every angle and distance..

Seeing how the Inhumans are the center of Civil War II, it’s good to keep up on their side of things. I feel that if I wasn’t reading this series or the other Inhuman titled comics, then I would be missing out on key points in the Civil War. The story hasn’t been stale for me since issue 1.  At the beginning things were a little pushed onto me as a reader to get caught up, but at issue 12 things easily come together. I have no intention to stop reading this series.  With everything that I read, this is in my top 5 comics to read first every month.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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