Titans #2 (DC)



Rating: 4/5 – Abnett is Making the Magic Happen for the Titans.
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

First off, let me start out by saying that I love the villain Abra Kadabra. Originally appearing in Flash number 128, Abra Kadabra is from the far future and although science has proven all magic to be false and obsolete, he still wants to be a magician and travels back in time with future technology in hand to cause all sorts of problems for the Flash and become the greatest magician the world has ever seen. Regrettably since first appearing in 1962, he hasn’t been seen all that much when compared to Flash’s other rogues. So when seeing him on the cover of Titans number two, I was excited!

I recently reviewed the Rebirth issue of the Flash and it was probably my least favorite of the Rebirth one-shots. Fortunately, not only did I love the reappearance of Abra Kadabra, I also enjoyed this second issue quite a bit. Let’s start with the cover. Rarely do I ever discuss the covers in these reviews, but I feel the need to heap some praise upon this one. Same interior artist Brett Booth, inker Norm Rapmund and colorist Andrew Dalhouse have created a wonderful image that get this…also reflects what’s going on within the issue! Abra Kadabra has created a group of Titan dopplegangers to attack the team as he looks to take revenge against the Flash and also become the adored magician he’s always wanted to be. I love Booth’s depiction of those marionettes rising out of Kadabra’s hat. Booth embraces Kadabra’s classic look, top hat, mustache and all!

It’s an action packed issue with plenty of fight scenes as each of the Titans battle their opposing doppleganger. Booth’s art, as I mentioned in the previous review, still doesn’t connect with me on the interiors, but he’s able to clearly compose the action and his rendition of Kadabra is solid throughout. I was worried about this series after reading the Rebirth issue, but this and issue one have been entertaining stories written by fan favorite writer Dan Abnett. This second issue ends on a cliffhanger so Abnett has me excited for issue three and just like magic, his take on this series has turned my expectations around!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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