Titans #10 (DC)


Rating: 4/5 – Bumblebee is Back in the Comics with Rebirth.
By ComicSpectrum senior Reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

Last year I reviewed the second issue of Titans and really enjoyed the use of Abra Kadabra and writer Dan Abnett’s take on the long time DC team.  Although I enjoyed the action scenes, it was Brett Booth’s art that didn’t connect with me. Now that we’re ten issues into this series, my appreciation for Booth’s art has changed for the better and I find myself enjoying this series now for both the art and writing, in addition, of course, to the characters. Issue ten wraps up the story line ‘Made in Manhattan’ that reintroduces Bumblebee to DC’s “Rebirth” Universe.

If you’re not familiar with Bumblebee, I can’t blame you. She’s a character that has been sparingly used, first appearing in costume in Teen Titans number forty-eight from the late 1970s although her true first appearance as character Karen Beecher was three issues before as the girlfriend of Mal Duncan. Where Bumblebee found greater popularity is outside of comics in her appearances in the Teen Titans cartoon, in addition to some other brief appearances in Young Justice and various other DC animated series. It’s good to see DC attempting to bring this character back to the forefront in the comic books as a member of the Titans.

This tenth issue has the team going up against the Fearsome Five who have stolen Mal’s and other people’s unwanted powers under the guise of a corporation called Meta Solutions. Since this is the concluding chapter, there’s plenty of action and Booth’s pencils are energetic and packed full of characters. Booth has a handle on the characters and while their costumes still left a lot to be desired (Arsenal’s “extreme” 90s look, for example) Booth is able to give each character time to shine and Bumblebee looks great.

Dan Abnett wraps up the current story in a satisfying way while at the same time leaving some plot points open for the future, including an upcoming four part event titled “The Lazarus Contract” that will crossover with Teen Titans and Deathstroke. I understand a reader may have hesitation with diving into an event that includes books outside of the ones they may be reading, but I suspect readers of Titans are also buying Teen Titans so the additional investment is not that much. Titans continues to be a fun and action packed series that combines solid writing and art and I’ll definitely be reading the upcoming event!

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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