Curse Words #8 (Image)


Rating: 4.5/5 – Magic can be Fun, Strange, or Disturbing; Sometimes all at Once.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

Step into the world of Wizord, or at least whichever world he is in at the moment. It’s been a magical ride for the past 8 issues. Wizord has done so much up to this point, good and bad, but as he aims to redeem himself for past sins he is left with numerous struggles to look forward to. Magic fuels his power and in the real world magic doesn’t just doesn’t sit around, it’s made by moments from mere mortals with hopes and dreams.

Writer Charles Soule and Artist Ryan Browne are striking gold with this original idea and things are getting stronger every issue.  They provide a rather colorful, chaotic, and interesting story of a defiant Wizard from another world who is sent to conquer our world, but decides he’d rather just hang out and make some honest money. Wizord is a powerful Wizard with a mighty staff used to cast anything he can think of, but there’s the problem of keeping his power charged. In his old world magic was a constant source found everywhere and his master was providing an endless supply of power until Wizord crossed him. In the twisted world that Wizord and Ruby Stitch come from there is a high level of spite from their former master Sizzajee.  Wizord crossed numerous lines against his old master and at this moment there is a rather disturbing contest taking place as to who will be the next of Sizzajee’s henchmen to go after Wizord and possibly Ruby Stitch. The henchmen are showing just how corrupt and twisted they are in this contest, it’s a no holds barred match to weed out the powerful from the weak. In the traditional twisted fashion of the comic, the platform for the game is something out of baseball. With Sizzajee wearing what appears to be baseball gear, and treating the rather ruthless display as simple fun and games with a killer twist. While the world that he came from is being torn apart, Wizord is back trying to making things better with our world after his numerous faults. He’s using his magic to make things better, or maybe worse, and sometimes confusing.

The series comes across playful, disgusting, and interesting all at the same time. The magic wielders have a rather disturbing but amusing method of showing off their power, whether it’s throwing acid based feces, or changing someone into a chair with their face as a seat for punishment, things never seem to be boring. Regardless of some of the rather questionable moments in the comic, the story, art and vibrant colors make Curse Words a top notch read for anyone with a desire to get into something different from any other comic they are reading, it’s a fresh idea with some questionable antics thrown in.  It won’t be for everyone but I’m loving it and I look forward to each new issue.

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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  1. I didn’t realize that this series was written by Soule. Will have to check it out.

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