Sleepless #1 (Image)


CREDIT: Image Comics

Rating: 5/5 – A Rich Fantasy World Waiting to Be Explored.
By ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Sleepless is a new fantasy series coming to us from writer Sarah Vaughn (co-writer on Alex+Ada and Eternal Empire) and artist Leila del Duca (artist on the recently completed series Shutter).  The world it introduces to us is full of possibilities; lore, political intrigue, and perhaps a budding romance are all touched upon in this debut issue.

The story focuses on Lady Pyppenia (called Poppy by those close to her), an illegitimate daughter of the recently deceased king.  Her Uncle (her Father’s brother) is being coronated as King and from the interactions we see throughout the issue, this puts Poppy in a bit of a tenuous position at court.  Fortunately, Poppy is guarded by the ‘Sleepless’ Knight Cyrenic.  He seems very loyal and is a fierce fighter.  What’s the full story on being ‘Sleepless’?  Other than (apparently) never sleeping, the rest of the lore behind these knights is hinted at and I’m sure more will be revealed as the story develops in future issues.  del Duca’s art is a joy throughout the issue, from lush costume design to facial expressions that seem to tell the story behind the story.  She has created a moody world of lords and ladies, castles and catacombs, with danger lurking in a furtive gaze or at the point of a knife.

I’m a sucker for comics that present characters that I immediately fall in love with and care about what happens to them.  Vaughn and del Duca have done this with Poppy and Cyrenic.  I’m hooked and I want to find out more.  I want their backstory, I want to see their story moving forward, and I want to learn more about the world they inhabit.  Sometimes a #1 issue will be vague, not give out many details, and leave me feeling unsatisfied.  That did not happen here.  What is teased is just the right amount of information for me to have a solid feeling of what is going on and set the hook to keep me coming back for more.   Sarah and Leila can count on me being there as this tale unfolds.  While not a comic that delivers “super-hero action battles”, if you’re a fan of fantasy, intrigue, and romance reserve your copy of Sleepless #1.  It will be in your Local Comic Shop on December 6th.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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