Legend of the Shadow Clan #1 (Aspen)


Rating: 3 / 5 – Worth a try

I really appreciate the fact that Aspen is allowing me to try out their #1 comics in 2013 for $1 each instead of the standard $3.99, I’m looking forward to giving them all a go.   Legend of the Shadow Clan  was the inaugural #1 in their “10 for $10” program, by David Wohl & Cory Smith, and this will be a 5 issue series.

We get introduced to who I assume are the bad guys for the series, what seems to be the Shadow Clan, and various members of the Himura family.  The words I used in that previous sentence are a key indicator of my feelings for this issue.  “I assume” “seems to be”.  This issue had a lot of set up and I didn’t feel I got a lot of forward story momentum, the pacing just didn’t seem right to me.  I’d have liked to see a lot more about the Shadow Clan itself and some more development of what was used as the cliffhanger for this issue as a part of this issue.  The introductions of the members of the Himura family could have waited until #2.  Given the amount of development for the Himura kids, I’m guessing they’ll play fairly major roles as the story plays out.

I’m guessing this will read better as a collected edition where the reader will have access to the full story.  As a standalone #1, it seemed weak in that it didn’t sell me on coming back for #2 at the full price of $3.99

That said, it’s definitely worth a try for $1, not every reader is going to have the same reaction to the storytelling that I did and it wasn’t a bad comic, just not an exceptional one.

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