Alex + Ada #2 (Image)


Rating: 4/5 – Slow but enjoyable introduction to the characters and world continues.

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna are slowly putting the pieces into place for what hopefully will be an exciting new science fiction story.  Although the second issue of Alex and Ada takes it’s time and moves at a slower pace, that slow pace is allowing the creators to make you feel for the characters involved and adds to the anticipation of what’s coming next.  

The main character Alex is lonely.  Although he’s surrounded by a futuristic world where most everything is just a thought away, you can tell that he’s lacking companionship.  That missing part of his life is suddenly filled by a female android named Ada.  She’s gifted to him by his grandmother, and in this issue he debates on whether or not to keep her.  He struggles internally on whether or not he wants to be the kind of guy who has an android as a companion.  The whole issue is driven by characterization and the art delivered by Luna makes it all feel so cinematic.

If you’re familiar with Luna’s past work on the Sword, then it’s that same similar style.  It’s an ultra clean look which fits the futuristic setting of this book so well.  Luna has a way of making the book feel like you’re looking at scenes from a movie.  There’s a lot of wide shots and angles that help drive that feeling home.  There’s a lack of detail to the work, but that’s ok because the style works.  It adds to the feeling of Alex’s isolation and loneliness and I’m sure as time goes by in this series, we’ll start to see more complex settings.

It’s a slow but enjoyable introduction to this world and it’s characters so far.  I really have no idea which direction this series will go next and that’s exciting,  I’m hoping they continue to take their time with this series, making us feel for these two characters that much more.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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