Superwoman #2 (DC)



Rating: 5/5 – With Great Power Will Come Great Consequences.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

One of the many titles released in DC’s Rebirth is Superwoman. This comic for me brings a nice new spin and something I can really get into. The heroes are not Kryptonian, they are human, but received their powers from the New52 Superman when he died at the end of that run. They absorbed his power release, but with that great power comes great consequences.

Though the power of Superman was released into these heroes, it’s too much for their bodies to handle and they are feeling it take its toll. Recently I’ve been asking myself, “What makes me extremely interested in a particular comic?” Suspense, some original ideas, humor, and an interesting plot are what I like. Writer Phil Jimenez has delivered all of these in Superwoman. With his overly emotional and traumatic story plot, Jimenez brings us Lois Lane with super powers just like Superman, but she’s not alone. Lana Lang also took some power from Superman during his downfall, and though Lois and Lana received different powers, they are running as a dynamic duo. With the recent fade of Lois Lane from the first issue, Lana Lang is now alone taking on an entire second issue to try and realize what really happened to Lois. Lana Lang is traumatized by everything she has experienced recently, but that’s not stopping her from wanting to be Superwoman. Lex Luthor has deemed himself a new Superman with a nice blue power suit and cape, though Lex is putting himself out as a hero he is also the target for this new villain mastermind. The comic is filled with action, a mystery, humor and fresh ideas and I’m glad I jumped on board.

Though many Rebirth comics are bi-weekly this comic is monthly, which made me think that it may not swap out artists regularly like is done on the bi-weekly books. Unfortunately, that is not the case.   Phil Jimenez was writing and penciling on issues 1 and 2 (with Matt Santorelli inking, and Joe Prado assisting on inks in #2), but Emanuela Lupacchino will be taking over the pencils on #3, with Ray McCarthy on inks.  I’ve been enjoying Jimenez’ art, whether portraying a traumatic dream or Superwoman flying in the save the day, things are bold, colorful and intense. When I see a rather red and angry Superwoman gazing down upon a villain I can’t help but know that chaos will reign. Lana Lang is drawn more aggressive and emotional, regardless of being mostly in a red energy like form with glazed over eyes her facial expressions speak volumes. Lois is drawn looking like something out of the old days, with her short but full hair with traditional blue and red body suit.

I’m not a regular DC reader, but this is the third DC comic that has made it onto my pull list.  I never read the issue where the New52 Superman died and I have been picking up on that story element as I go along in this series that explains what happened a little bit, but if I want the big picture I’ll have to find a copy of that comic.  That said, Superwoman is probably the 2nd title I read immediately once I get it in my hands. I like how Lois has more of a traditional Superman look to her, and Lana brings me back to when Superman had his red energy form.  The changes DC has implemented with Rebirth have got me reading a few titles and I’m really enjoying this one a lot!

Reviewed by: Adam Brunell
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